Falling Leaves

!? The leaves are all fully changed and its cold as fuck outside? Seriously, where did the time go? Last time I was on here I was diving into oceans and running after bikinis.

Alas, things change. I’ve met so many amazing people since that last trip. Some updates:

My friend and I got uploaded to one of my favorite record labels.


DJing more often as TIMESLUT http://www.facebook.com/timeslut

And I’m throwing my first drum and bass event in Tokyo with my good friend, Jason Hasai:

January 11, 2013


Tim Chard and Jason Hasai's Event

Tim Chard and Jason Hasai’s Event ( 1/11/2013)

Oh and I quit my job today. Onto other pastures, hopefully ones with unlimited flexibility and incredibly high pay. I’m also writing reviews of clubs for Japan Tourist, albeit, it’s unpaid at the moment.

Christmas at home (USA), and New Years Eve in Tokyo.