About me

Born in the UK in 1987, raised in the USA. A lover of electronic dance music, culture shock, spontaneous adventures, and human beings.

A personal journal of sorts.

2 responses to “About me

  1. jorr14

    I wanted to reach out and send praise for your High and Lows post. Relatable and brave. I hope all is well.

    • thanks Jeffrey, life has been treating me very well these last few months. I’ve reconnected deeply with old friends and family, and have a satisfying full time job thats shaping up into a career. While there are still the days I may occasionally feel down, I no longer feel depressed, and living with family in Maine (which I did after this post), talking to a therapist consistently, and reading books constantly have all helped me feel much better about myself and my life.

      Thanks for reading and take care 🙂

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