Sakura Introspection

The sakura seemed to vanish before I noticed they had bloomed. My hanami was a brief stint at the park under a half green tree. I now stand stupefied over the concept of it being April 2014.

It has also been approximately 8 months since I transitioned from English Teaching to Salaryman.

Many endeavors and goals in my life still stand unmet- but they do not stand unforgotten. I now utilize as an upgrade to my Google Drive Goal Tickers. Previously I had 6 goals for every “sector” of my life with daily/weekly/monthly goals to push me to completion. Now I am trying to do “goal rotation”: focus on one sector – once I satisfy a particular achievement- move to the next sector.

As such I end this sporadic public journal entry with a quote:

“The only “break” anyone can afford to rely upon is a self-made “break”. These come through the application of persistence…as one makes an impartial study of the prophets, philosophers, “miracle” men, and religious leaders of the past, one is drawn to the inevitable conclusion that persistence, concentration of effort, and definiteness of purpose, were the major sources of achievement”

Napoleon Hill


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