Summer Vibes

Tokyo summer. It’s been a bit of up and down since the last entry. Balance is so much easier said than done. Tonight I chose to curb the partying by staying in, watching the Olympics, and catching up with old friends.

My camera also broke this past weekend. This was the last photo:

sand + camera = babes

As you can see, my balance of beats and babes has tilted heavily in the favor of babes. This picture was taken while a drum and bass event was going on further down the beach. I never made it “further down the beach”…

That being said, I do have a new DJ name: TIMESLUT

I should be DJing electro/fidget/moombahton in the upcoming weeks. and


As seen earlier, the best days have definitely been with the sun and sand. The vibe there is so much better. No stressin’… For a more well rounded image (besides my one picture),  you can check this video: I’m at 2:42 with my partner in crime.

Image-wise, I got a bunch of fake Ray Bans from my kick-ass sister. In addition to this, I learned a new line to harass strangers with : “Are those fake?” (nisemono?)

Meanwhile, these two tracks have been dominating my summer.

For sunny days :

And those shiny city lights:


“Embrace the unpredictable and unexpected. It is the path to the infinitely creative in you.”