Tokyo- Post.Grace.

My sister has come…and gone. The first weekend felt as if time slowed down. Then, all of a sudden, its us at Haneda Airport saying goodbye. Now she’s off on her own travels with a backpack that only weighs 12 kilos.

In the meantime, our time together really revealed what I need to focus on: my health. Exercise, nutrition, meditation, and sleep.

Observations from Tokyo:

1. It is a land of competing dolls. Femininity and sexuality are defined by how cute and innocent a girl can look while simultaneously showing as much skin as possible. It is a fine balance requiring years of practice and only ends with pregnancy.

2. Japanese people love trippy shit. From psytrance to anime, even their pop music is psychedelic:

3. Getting dates on the subway (metro) is surprisingly difficultSome people study, listen to their iPod, or daydream about their dog on their commute to work. I try to speak to the cute girl doing one of the above.

4. Sociability, a pen, and a notepad= all you need to learn Japanese. From shogun grandpa chilling in the handicap seat to the little kid falling off his bicycle- all age groups have helped me learn more 日本の. I’ve learned more language walking around pointing ( [purple] nihongo de nan des ka? / what is purple in Japanese? ) than I ever have with my textbook and iPod.

Until the next post…I’m feeling some summer vibes rearing up. About to bust out the shorts. Or the umbrella…