The motorcycle journey is over. 6 weeks and 4000 kilometers since our departure from Hanoi.

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I completed the journey with my friend Mike, a co-worker from Korea and a great travel mate for the trek.

The journey itself was a ying and yang of emotions. Challenging and frustrating at times, yet beautiful and peaceful at others.

The weather in the North of Vietnam wasn’t kind to us. We were wet for a week straight. But Laos’ sunny skies and the beaches and greeness of southern Vietnam dried us off and gave us some incredibly scenic rides.

Haggling became a necessity throughout the journey. At first, I took their price discrimination (foreigner pays more) personally- but I adapted to it. A smile and friendly attitude brings the price down a lot further than stubbornness and taking offense.

And of all the experiences, the most rewarding one was simply waving at the people as¬†we passed. I received so many friendly responses. Often, kids would leap and wave with a loud “hello!”. Their curiosity and energy was infectious.

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