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Summer Vibes

Tokyo summer. It’s been a bit of up and down since the last entry. Balance is so much easier said than done. Tonight I chose to curb the partying by staying in, watching the Olympics, and catching up with old friends.

My camera also broke this past weekend. This was the last photo:

sand + camera = babes

As you can see, my balance of beats and babes has tilted heavily in the favor of babes. This picture was taken while a drum and bass event was going on further down the beach. I never made it “further down the beach”…

That being said, I do have a new DJ name: TIMESLUT

I should be DJing electro/fidget/moombahton in the upcoming weeks. and


As seen earlier, the best days have definitely been with the sun and sand. The vibe there is so much better. No stressin’… For a more well rounded image (besides my one picture),  you can check this video: I’m at 2:42 with my partner in crime.

Image-wise, I got a bunch of fake Ray Bans from my kick-ass sister. In addition to this, I learned a new line to harass strangers with : “Are those fake?” (nisemono?)

Meanwhile, these two tracks have been dominating my summer.

For sunny days :

And those shiny city lights:


“Embrace the unpredictable and unexpected. It is the path to the infinitely creative in you.”


About lovetravelbass

Was a 20somethin male living and exploring ASIA. Now, a 30somethin male back in America.

2 responses to “Summer Vibes

  1. All sounds fun man, I’d like to tap into some of that fine Japanese goodness again soon. Shame the camera broke at what looked to be a pivotal moment in the evening, trust the night ended well.

  2. tim_c

    yo mr jonny tamalino! yeah man, i have never gotten it fixed. there is a lot of fine japanese goodness for the tapping good sir. get over here again!

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