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Tokyo: Post-Sakura

The sakura (cherry blossoms) have fallen. Spring (haru/春)  is finally here. In the course of the last 24 hours, most of the petals fell and blew away. Now, green (midori/緑), is engulfing the city.

Since my last post I got a lot of things sorted: jobs, music (ongak/音楽), writing, Japanese (nihon-go/にほんご) and new friends (tomadachi/友人).

In March, I was published in a book “Travel Means Freedom” and recently I was published online for my article on Tokyo accommodation.

I’ll leave you with a brief glimpse into my life (Yoyogi Park on a Sunday)…


About lovetravelbass

Was a 20somethin male living and exploring ASIA. Now, a 30somethin male back in America.

2 responses to “Tokyo: Post-Sakura

  1. Laura Long ⋅

    Wow Tim, Sounds like you are having an awesome time!!
    Will you ever come home???

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