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An evening around the city.

This post is from one of my closest friends. He’s a talented photographer and runs two photography businesses: Wheeltracks and The Photo Collective.

A more personal update is coming soon. A lot has happened in the last few months and there’s a lot to write about. In the meantime, his post summarizes my last few years rather well.

Tracks of Life

Tim Chard Atlanta-61-EditI have been posting a lot lately which is great. I guess you could say that I am picking up the slack that I left when I was really down and out for a couple of years. It also has helped that I have had a good motivator come back in my life, in the form of my best friend. I know a few of my most recent posts have involved him lately so please do forgive me if this isn’t really something that is new.

We wanted to get some new pictures of him for some of his promotions and publications that he has got going on right now. his Tokyo Nigh Owl Blog, LoveTravelBass Instagram, and his Tim C/Time Slut DJ names. Tim wanted to have some graffiti in the shots. I suggested a place that I have not been too yet at all but head that it…

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Was a 20somethin male living and exploring ASIA. Now, a 30somethin male back in America.

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