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The World DJ Festival (South Korea 2011)


I felt true love and ecstasy there. It was absolutely beautiful. There were moments where I literally felt nothing but pure joy, pure acceptance of the moment- absolutely alive.

I remember laying on the ground, looking up at the sky, seeing planes far in the distance going through the clouds at sunset, and realizing how in love with life I was in that moment: my potential to always have that love.

Dancing with complete strangers; dashing through dancefloors with squirt guns, inspiring dance circles and movement of the limbs in every imaginable way with a whistle and hand pumps.  Feeling music to the point that it brought me to the ground.

I saw so many beautiful and eclectic people. Flower petals dancing in the wind.

I danced until the end (6am) to a closing set of drum and bass at sunrise.

When the music stopped, I felt a sense of defeat, a sense of deep loneliness. My mind raced with opportunities missed and the thought (erroneous) of how I would never again have such ecstasy and joy in Korea. I took ten minutes to close my eyes by a river near the festival. It was very difficult to meditate given all the stimulus I had just absorbed, but when I opened my eyes, I felt peace, acceptance, and a realization that all the negativity was unnecessary.

On the way back on the train, the beauty of the experience still presented itself. I met a boy, a young boy, who I assumed knew little English, but had what looked like a toy gun. He claimed it was a legitimate bbgun. I couldn’t argue. I don’t know bbguns. Eventually he went from shy to feeling completely comfortable around me. We talked about Starcraft, what types of things would explode when shot, our favorite drinks, English, and then progressed to Gandhi, North Korea, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the tragedy of war and traveling solo. I treated him as an equal, and I felt a genuine connection with someone much younger than me.

random assumptions gathered from the festival:

Flowers taste fresh.

Fireworks will start exploding right as you urinate.

Whistles are vital.

Foghorns are on the list.

Masks are essential.


2 responses to “The World DJ Festival (South Korea 2011)

  1. Gracie Lou ⋅

    You are amazing 🙂 That’s so awesome about that little boy… Of course you treat him as an equal – you’re a really loving, non-judgmental person… I bet you made a serious impression on him.

    And flowers taste fresh as FUCK!

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