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Update Korea

So it’s been over a month since my last public entry in here, in large part due to a tendency to not want to publish anything but the most positive experiences.

Highlights of the last month have definitely been various beach trips and going to the clubs in the Seoul for a night. Also- meeting a Korean girl at the train station.


Busan and Pohang were both visited. Busan has some really cool beaches. Haendae being the most popular, but I preferred Guangangli. I’m severely butchering the spellings. Koreans don’t like bikinis though and seeing women walk with high heels up and down the beach is a common sight.

Pohang was okay, the beach isn’t as beautiful as Busan’s, but it did have a volleyball net and eager Koreans to play with.

Clubbing in Seoul:

Was a cool experience. Went to two different clubs and managed to get into them for free via cool friends. Saw DIPLO.

Diplo Flyer

Track produced by Diplo:

A mixture of hip hop and some of his other house tracks. More of a “mainstream” DJ but it was excellent to experience it and the club environment again. There is so much money poured into clubs. So many egos as well :/


I’ve been on a lot of dates this last month. The standard seems to be girls I meet drunk= not good dates. Perhaps that will change. However, I met a cool girl at Home Plus (two of them) but the best date I’ve had since I’ve been here was through Don Daegu Yak (the train station)…

After a beautiful sunny day of cycling around, I went to the train station to buy a ticket to Seoul (for later in the day). I saw a pretty girl with flowers sitting by herself near the arrivals- I assumed a few things that were stopping me from going out of my comfort zone (1. She didn’t speak English, 2. She didn’t live in Daegu 3. She might not like foreigners and she was surrounded by people 4. Etc etc. The list never ends if you give any thought to it). I let go of any and all negative thoughts and walked up to talk to her. We actually made a connection- both the same age and coincidentally both single (flowers were for her birthday). And despite her living 3 hours away, she came to see me the following Sunday at the same time and we had a fantastic date during the day. It will be interesting to see how it pans out with my time left, but it certainly made me question my tendency to allow fear/rationalization to prevent me from going up to a girl that catches my eye.

In health news… I completed a 6 week “trial” of veganism with some slight hiccups (some clams in some soup perhaps, or kimchi which is soaked in fish stock- blasphemy).I missed tuna and eggs. But now I have them and I can’t be bothered to eat them. Thank you Dr. Furhman:

And in the most recent news, it is a beautiful June day and I will be going to work. I am reading

Which focuses on work being an “artist”/a linchpin/ an indispensible employee. As opposed to a cog, an easily replaceable employee. The exceptional vs the mediocore.


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