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Cambodia was a bizarre ending to a 4 month bout of travel living out of my 32 liter backpack. Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh were certainly the highlights. The former, a jungle trekking adventure; and the latter, a city that seemed to still be in the past: Old West meets Asia.

I departed ways with my travel mate, Mike, and returned to Ho Chi Minh for a gathering of things before departure to Tokyo.

I arrived here at 10:30 pm February 28th. My leap year day, I awoke to a Tokyo covered in snow. Spent the day wandering Shibuya becoming indoctrinated to the Tokyo “youth” culture, and ended the day job hunting with a brief 5.8 earthquake to round off the night.

Since then, its been job hunting and Couchsurfing. An outstanding night at Womb where I drank from the sinks (a 4 fl oz bottle of water was 6 USD), danced to my favorite music, and tried out my new Japanese:

どこ行くの? (where are you going?)

I no longer feel that I’m traveling; I’m trying to settle now, and eventually find a closet called home.


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Was a 20somethin male living and exploring ASIA. Now, a 30somethin male back in America.

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