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SUNSHINE (Tokyo Summer 2013)

Just finished a string of DJ gigs and have been feeling a lot more uplifted since my last time writing in here.

“Wow, I love this place and city and…oh. Monday”

It’s funny the contradictory messages of advice I receive from everyone.

“Don’t burn your bridges” and “Take action” don’t have to be contradictory, but trying to adapt a decision to both is a great way to not change anything.

Anyway- I do know this: I’ve been loving the sounds and creative process flowing out of Bassick.

Our Collective of DJs

Our Collective of DJs

While I’m Tokyo tied- it’s my most proud accomplishment. Created with this guy (decibull) : ; it’s a brand. T-shirts, hats, business cards, web site, etc.



Our Crowd

Our Crowd pt. 1

Our Crowd pt. 2

Our Crowd pt. 2



Oh- and our MC…

Our MC


The writings and blog of Tim Ferris have a lot of motivational material that has been helping my spirits out too:

In the meantime- learning Japanese is written above my desk as the primary important thing in my life right now. With so many goals, it’s been really helping me focusing on ONE thing and giving it my all. Once July hits, I’ll re-evaluate. But until then- it’s all 日本語.


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