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Malaysia with the Mom.

It didn’t feel like “Mom” anymore, more like a traveling with a close friend. We’re both so laid back and free flowin’.

— To sum up Malaysia: hummus, biryani rice, and french fries. You can pretty much get an idea ofthe melting pot of religion and culture from that. And a heavy topping of capitalism, and voila.

My travel map:

Penang: was a groovy town, pretty older buildings and all that good stuff. Langawi some beaches, pretty place.

Cameron Highlands, higher altitude, so a break fromthe heat. Nice mountains and hills. And jungle at the base. (check out the pic of the rafflesia flower)

The highlight for me was Kuala Lumpur. This is where the money and glamour is at. Unfortunately drinking, nightlife, is the same price asthe USD (if not more). Muslim influenced prices.Meanwhile,the price of food is on par withthe rest of Malaysia, and more in line with the rest of Southeast Asia.

Highlight of the trip: My mom and I going to a couchsurfing meeting our second night in Kuala Lumpur,met a bunch of cool and bizarre travelers, and subsequently my Mom has been hosting couchsurfers ever since. She has hosted more than I have despite only having the accountfor a month.


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Was a 20somethin male living and exploring ASIA. Now, a 30somethin male back in America.

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